“you’ve hardened your operating system. now harden your community”

this sentence, I don’t know whose it is, is written at the door of my shared studio. I like it a lot. just today, it made me think about this:

what operating system does your society run on?
it’s like having different systems with different kernels,
with different base structures and languages that turn your computer into something completely different.
it’s also like having distributions.
there are many distributions of the OS “capitalism” around at the moment “capitalist democracy”, “democratic capitalism”, “social capitalism”, “whateverthisisinchinacapitalism” and so on.
“capitalism” is an operating system most of us have grown up with.
we know that it’s buggy. but we know that it works, somehow.
capitalism is a bit like windows.
we know that there are better working things around
or things that are built upon better ethics
or things that are variable and adjustable right down to the core.
but we are a little bit lazy
and a little bit afraid that we might not be able to manage the new controls
so we stay with windows.
because we already know it and think we understand it, even though we’re mere users.

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