Cooking for Comrades

cooking for comrades is two things:
vegan cooking for masses and debate during eating

cooking for comrades is two things:
live cooking, eating, debate and a youtube video series

this is the youtube channel for cooking for comrades.

vegan, cheap, easy to do recipes combined with a discourse over a fitting topic. there is the youtube-channel with the result-ish videos (the camera is always given to a visitor, so, be aware). there are the live-evenings that always start in a similar format: cooking, lecture, eating, debating. because every glass of water we consume is a political act.

Existing Episodes:
Of Spices and Prices (Hinterzimmer Bern, 2015)
Finding Freedom (Hinterzimmer Bern, 2015)
The Evil P-word (Hinterzimmer Bern, 2015)
Vegan Chili and Violence (Hinterzimmer Bern, 2015)
The State Of The Art (Marks Blond RfzK / Milieu Bern 2015)
Oh Sweet Tradidtion (Kunstmuseum Luzern, 2015) no video available because no cooking was possible despite the invitation
The Radical In Friendship (Lehrerzimmer im PROGR Bern, 2015). read more in german

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