(e)utopia trading card game

a trading card game that is at the same time a tool to look at structures of society. currently there are 20 categories with 3-4 elements each, but there is no limit to creating new ones. to prototype, different versions of the rules and of the category-element system have been tried out with a variety of users, in different contexts (from interdisciplinary art festival to a regular evening at the bar), and with 2 to 11 users at a time.

during prototyping, ideas of adding a second layer (roles, situations) or level on which the elaborated category elements have to be acted out have come up. these ideas will probably be created separately from the basic trading cards, as they add different flavors and cut down their multi-functionality to a rather conventional game.

after prototyping is done, the next steps will be:

  • elaborating a design with symbols and a font to make the basic cards downloadable as pdf for self-printout under a non-commercial creative commons license.
  • writing down the rules and a description of the game in an easily understandable manner
  • asking collectives all over the world to make contributions of elements, categories or even present their own structures by using the cards of the game
  • thinking about possibilities for sharing / distributing the users’ own add-on cards


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