reality programming

think of reality as something you can change quite easily.

with your hands, with your actions. with your decisions. with structures you create.

think of reality as a room full of rules and you being able to change them or set new ones, sometimes by interacting with the existing rules, sometimes by overriding them.

as a reality programmer, I spend a lot of time analyzing how certain concepts in our reality work (“understanding the text”) and how they influence other concepts or people that interact with this concept (“understanding the context”). I then take these concepts and either refashion them or reframe them to other contexts, creating new interactive models, perception filters and ways of thinking. sometimes these concepts even spark something like inspiration in me and I come up with something completely different.

on a small scale, this makes me a good partner for debate and discussion, a mirror for thoughts and ideas, as I ask the right questions in the wrong moment and change text and context of the topic. this is how I work in interaction with others: constantly restructuring the content as well as the process itself.

on a large scale, this technique is how projects I am involved in are fabricated. that’s why they are based on interaction and not restricted to a definite medium. that’s why my work is inherently political – it is always about subjective positions (text) and their impact on society (context). it is always about the structure that surrounds us, this fabric we call reality, and how we are able to change it anytime.

 „You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.“  – R.Buckminster Fuller

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