Spieleberatung / the game parlour
the game parlour was founded in Summer 2015 for the Hallo Festspiele, grown out of the game department. it can move into any kind of semi-closed space and drives on interaction between the present people. as a visitor, you can play, develop games or become a game counselor yourself.
Miko Hucko is a core member of the game parlour.
invited to: 32C3, Weltkongress der Hedonistischen Internationalen 2016, Boui-Boui Festival 2016.

Social Space Agency
the social space agency – SoSA – boldly goes where no one has gone before: into social outer space. through our self-developed techniques we analyse existing rules and conventions, alter them, or replace them with new ones altogether. for specific events socionauts prepare to tackle specific sets of conventions.
Miko Hucko is a founding sociounaut and core member of the SoSA.
invited to: AUAWIRLEBEN Theaterfestival Bern 2014, Stadtlabor Schützenmatte Bern 2014, Frankfurter Buchmesse 2014, Diskurs Festival Gießen 2014, Karl der Große Zürich 2015, 48 Stunden Neukölln 2015, Transeuropa Festival Belgrad 2015, Antirassistisches Humorfestival Shedhalle Zürich 2015, Mad Scientist Festival Bern / Zürich 2016

There Is No Game
there is no game. there is action. under this premise, every participant or assembly visiting 33c3 was invited to send in quests, challenges, riddles. we, the travel agency, then knit those together into storylines, combining them through our own thread, through the story that the travelers themselves would write while participating in no game. a story of community, skills, weaknesses and collaboration.
No Game was created for 33c3 exclusively, as this was the ideal point to create the necessary movement to keep open the window of opportunity. we had about 100 collaborators and 900 travelers moving through CCH.

Trade Sachs
“while others produce money out of nothing, we turn money into nothing again”. this is the slogan of Trade Sachs, the worlds first anti-bank. it’s final goal: to get rid of all money and it’s principles , replacing them with interhuman trust. to achieve this goal, Trade Sachs has a set of services – a theatre evening, a game for the bar, a trust experiment and so on.
Trade Sachs is a long-term project by the performanceactivist group Tobak Lithium, of which Miko Hucko is founding member.
invited to: Tour de Lorraine 2015, SKILT Festival 2015, Festival für Freunde 2015 Tojo Theater Bern 2016, Ballhaus Ost Berlin 2016, Zeughaus Kultur Brig 2016

Cooking for Comrades
vegan, cheap, easy to do recipes combined with a discourse over a fitting topic. there is the youtube-channel with the result-ish videos (the camera is always given to a visitor, so, be aware). there are the live-evening that always start in a similar format: cooking, lecture, eating, debating. because every glass of water we consume is a political act.
invited to: Marks Blond / Milieu Galerie Bern 2015, Kunstmuseum Luzern 2015, Lehrerzimmer im PROGR Bern 2015, Hinterzimmer always.

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