Ruine Europa

Europe is dying, slowly drying out its own veins that were once filled with humanitarian ideals, philosophy and a love for the arts and sciences.

But what can we, mere theatremakers, even do?

During the evening, we try out many different common theatrical forms, such as puppet theatre, monologues, re-enactment, performance, documentary theatre… Each of this sequences is followed by a one-to-one chat between a performer and a member of the audience, evaluating whether the theatre has had any effect upon them, whether they now feel like changing the world or even their own behaviour more than before. Contentwise, the scenes vaguely connect through themes such as environment, nationalism and TINA, all arranged along the political line that is often drawn between Switzerland and Europe.

The evening becomes more and more open, as audience members are more and more encouraged to add their views – once, someone even threw an egg at us. We think about the crisis of europe through the crisis of the theatre. Consequently, the audience takes the stage for the last scenes. And those willing to find a new theatre and a new europe are invited to join us on our walk to the federal palace, where we ritually bury Europa and its ruins.

We say yes to Europe by saying no to Europe.


watch the road-trip movie (in german / swiss german):

watch the trailer (in german / swiss german):

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