Social Space Agency

the social space agency – SoSA – boldly goes where no one has gone before: into social outer space. through our self-developed techniques we analyse existing rules and conventions, alter them, or replace them with new ones altogether. for specific events socionauts prepare to tackle specific sets of conventions.

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the socionautic approach is a fourfold one: recognise a convention (f.ex.: greeting by handshake). reshape it (f.ex.: use handshakes in the middle of a conversation or greet by elbowshake). use the new convention in everyday practice and see how it works. that’s why, unlike arts which is always directed towards an audience, socionautics is foremost directed towards the own approach towards the world and the interacting humans / objects.

socionautic materials

conceptual filter  is the most basic SoSA technique. change the way you perceive and you will start to change the way you (inter)act.

the bernese proposal. an outcome of the Bern Mission wherein we proposed 5 things to the city of Bern. we sent it to various politicians and newspapers. upon its release we were contacted by the local city planners and invited to work on Stadtlabor Schützenmatte.

a new culture of reading. an introductory guide about reading itself, enabling the emancipated reader to find the famous garden of forking paths in every text. (creative commons license)

Miko Hucko is a founding sociounaut and core member of the SoSA.
invited to: AUAWIRLEBEN Theaterfestival Bern 2014, Stadtlabor Schützenmatte Bern 2014, Frankfurter Buchmesse 2014, Diskurs Festival Gießen 2014, Karl der Große Zürich 2015, 48 Stunden Neukölln 2015, Transeuropa Festival Belgrad 2015, Antirassistisches Humorfestival Shedhalle Zürich 2015, Mad Scientist Festival Bern / Zürich 2016

for more information see or contact the SoSA via socialspaceagency{at}gmail{dot}com

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