There Is No Game

there is no game. there is action. under this premise, every participant or assembly visiting 33c3 was invited to send in quests, challenges, riddles. we, the travel agency, then knit those together into storylines, combining them through our own thread, through the story that the travelers themselves would write while participating in no game. a story of community, skills, weaknesses and collaboration.

our participants have written a wiki about There Is No Game. it is a useful source of information to get an overview over what happened as well as an impressive proof of the power of collaborative action:

No Game was created for 33c3 exclusively, as this was the ideal place to create the necessary movement to keep open the window of opportunity. we had about 100 collaborators and 900 travelers moving through CCH.

in chaosradio ep 232, some people of the TING team, including me, were invited to talk about what happened and what it all meant (listen to it in german):


some review and short video footage (as it’s nearly impossible to film at the congress):

33C3: Works for Me


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