Trade Sachs

“while others produce money out of nothing, we turn money into nothing again”.
this is the slogan of Trade Sachs, the worlds first anti-bank. it’s final goal: to get rid of all money and it’s principles , replacing them with interhuman trust. to achieve this goal, Trade Sachs has a set of services – a theatre evening, a game for the bar, a trust experiment and so on.

Trade Sachs is the negation of a bank in every aspect. You can open an account from which you will never again be able to draw money: The Trade Sachs Trust Account. You give us your money – in cash – and we promise that we will do NOTHING with it. This trust is the first step into a brighter future: Towards a society that depends on trust in people, not in money.
Trade Sachs produces political interventions in public spaces by simply engaging people passing by in a discussion. In the manner of banksaleswomen, the performers try to persuade potential customers into opening an account. This persuasion includes explanations of money, banks, capitalism, and their intertwinement. The goal of Trade Sachs is to give people the feeling that they can be part of change.

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Trade Sachs is a long-term project by the performanceactivist group Tobak Lithium, of which Miko Hucko is founding member.

invited to: Tour de Lorraine Bern 2015, Festival für Freunde 2015, Tojo Theater Bern 2016, Ballhaus Ost Berlin 2016, Zeughaus Kultur Brig 2016

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